Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Vitreous Detachment Dangerous

Almost a year ago I developed an eye condition in my right eye called vitreous aqueous detachment, the gel that surrounds the retina separated, or shrunk. Life after vitreous detachment has left me with rings, spots and the occasional light streak.

For months I had a blur in front of my right eye that is no longer there.

I do not work out of the home, but I do work hours on end at my computer at home. The ring in front of my right eye bounces gently back and forth. I am not usually conscious of the ring anymore, unless I purposely think about it, then I see it swinging back and forth as if it is being blown gently in the wind.

Is Vitreous Detachment dangerous? No it is not! But it is annoying.

The only way it becomes dangerous is when the retina tears, this then would require surgery.

Having vitreous detachment is a little more trickier for me as I am a diabetic, therefore it is essential that my eyes are checked annually for any changes in the eye. Keeping my blood sugar levels low is paramount for my diabetes to not affect my eyesight.

Once the optometrist dilates the pupils of the eye she can then see to the back of the eye, and she will be checking for damage to the retina because of high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Blood vessels in this area can become damaged by swelling and then weakened, possibly not letting enough blood through and then they can become clogged.

The doctor also checks to see if any scar tissue has formed, it has the ability to pull the retina away from the back of the eye, detaching the retina. A detached retina can cause blindness, and if this occurs and a lot of blood has leaked into the vitreous causing poor vision then surgery called vitrectomy would be necessary.

Being a diabetic makes me more susceptible for getting cataracts, a clear cloud that forms on the lens of the eye making everything look cloudy. Surgery would then be necessary to bring eyesight back.

The optic nerve is the eye's main nerve to the brain and the optometrist checks for glaucoma by looking for any damage caused by pressure building up in the eye. If I lose sight from the side of my right or left eye, then I am in big trouble, and only eye drops as a temporary measure may help or laser surgery.

So keeping my blood sugar levels and high blood pressure under control maintains my healthy eye condition of life with vitreous attachment.

Dangerous not a bit! Unless I ignore my diabetic health measures.

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